On September 28, 2017, OxHRH Director Sandra Fredman (Oxford), Deputy Director, Meghan Campbell (Birmingham) and Alison Youn (Oxford) hosted a workshop The Impact of Brexit on Equality Law. 

The report canvasses the discussions on:

  • Parliamentary Sovereignty and Equality Rights
  • The Future Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • The UK’s Remaining Human Rights Commitments
  • Worker’s Rights and Equality
  • Future Free Trade Agreements

The workshop addressed crucial questions – that are not always getting the attention required – that need to be considered so that Brexit does not result in a diminution of the right to equality in the UK. There are even opportunities in leaving the EU to enhance the right to equality. However, it is imperative that this be done in a manner that includes all voices within the UK, including devolved legislative bodies and Parliamentarians at Westminster, and not just members of the executive. Difficult challenges must be addressed openly and given careful consideration.

The report concludes that equality is a right, not a hand-out or a tool for political negotiations. It is a fundamental commitment and it it binding. Only by placing the value of equality at the core of the withdrawal process can Brexit work for all people in the UK.

Transitional Justice Institute CAJ