Video: Emma Patterson-Bennett - Wider human rights & equality issues

Many equality and anti-discrimination provisions in Northern Ireland rely or have a basis in EU law, and the compliance with same has provided a vitally important check on those who would seek to undermine fundamental guarantees.

Human Rights and Equality
Photo Credit: Steve Parkinson

EU law offers a useful framework for considering human rights and equality, and it is widely accepted that advances would not have been made (in areas such as sexual orientation, gender equality and racial discrimination) without the EU’s involvement. Given the particular circumstances of Northern Ireland, there are growing concerns about what might happen in the future, particularly in relation to LGBTQ rights, anti-sectarianism, gender equality, and children’s rights.

Brexit may also provide a basis for re-opening questions around a Bill of Rights and a Single Equality Act for Northern Ireland, as well as a Charter of Rights for the island of Ireland.

Video: Emma Patterson-Bennett - Section 75
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